During the U.S. economical crash of 2008 I was newly married and my life was about to be overhauled along with the rest of the nation. Within the next two years I was a mother and unemployed.  Though both life changes were my choice I felt like I had suddenly taken down my safety net and was about to take my first leap onto an unknown world.  I was now entering a world outside the stuffy office cubical and into a life of investment:  Investment of the Individual.

My journey towards this life started from my childhood, growing up with Beals Syndrome (also known as Congenital Contractual Arachnodactyly), a congenital disease that causes slender elongated fingers and limbs.  As anyone can attest, childhood is hard enough, and when you throw in any form of physical abnormality it is a perfect storm form for cruelty.  Over the years I endured by learning how to conceal my imperfections all the while developing social anxieties, always fearing someone would notice I was different.   But with bullies come saviors, and I was blessed to find my core inner circle of friends who loved and liked me, just as I was.  I was shown humanity is beautiful and tender, each one of us is struggling with their own challenges, and we all just want to be supported, heard and understood.  This is what drives my life as an adult, to be of service, to validate and listen, to give back a positive foundation for empowerment and pass on the skills I have learned.

I received my training from Coach for Life, a nationally accredited Life Coaching school in 2009 and have been working one on one with individuals from all walks of life, co-creating positivity and courage.

Tina Brown

Professionally Trained Life Coach


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