What’s Your Daily Emotional Intake?

Though it is true we can’t dictate what other people come at us with, we can choose what we click on. News often times is fueled with fear, sensationalism; an “us versus them” consciousness, so what do you do to counteract that flow of negativity? Do you choose to dance it out, listening to music that makes you wanna dance? Do you check the feed of your favorite video animal blogger? Silly memes? Read passages of famous love letters? Search hashtags of dream vacation locations?

It simply does not matter where you find hope and joy, the trick is just to actively pursue it!  You are responsible for your happiness, so when the world seems to darken and terror is dripping from every headline, revert your eyes back to all the beauty and humanity that is all around you.  Everyone loves to repost Mr. Roger’s quote, but it only works if you choose to do the work and find the helpers, find the people with compassion, find the brave ones, find the resilient ones, find the peacemakers, and remind yourself this world is beautiful and hope is always there waiting to be found.Mr. Rogers

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