Growth Will Always Require Change

then and now  then and now - Copy

There is that dreaded word…CHANGE!

In our lives I feel we aren’t given a healthy way to embrace change, often times we are taught to focus on the loss that can accompany moving forward, but that in its self is limiting, and not the full scope of the story.

As an adult I have decided not to limit myself to the world I have carved out in the past 35 years.  I choose to continue down life’s endless road and commit to expanding my knowledge, my loves and ultimately myself.  I understand that this will take great strength and vulnerability.  The best things in life can often times come from being forced out of our comfort zone!

So I have created this blog as a safe spot to share, expand and celebrate our adventures and speed bumps.  A place to gain a vantage point in our lives to better understand ourselves and attain that ultimate victory of happiness and contentment in the now.

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